Frequently Asked Questions

GRIP Autocross welcomes a variety of production-based vehicles, including cars and trucks. Whether it’s a kit car, a vehicle with a fiberglass or carbon fiber body that resembles a production model, or a traditional production vehicle, you’re welcome to compete. Vehicles not fitting these criteria may join the Exhibition Class.

All competing vehicles must have tires with a treadwear rating of 200 or more. Tires rated below 200 treadwear are restricted to the Exhibition Class, which is ineligible for trophies, awards, or prizes.

Your vehicle’s class is primarily determined by the width of your front tires and the vehicle’s weight, with special classes for trucks, ladies, and novice drivers. For trucks, the key factor is that the vehicle must be wider than it is tall.

Yes, as long as your truck-shaped vehicle is wider than it is tall, and meets the minimum weight requirement of 2800 pounds (including the driver), you can compete in the Truck Class.

The Ladies Class is a supplementary category designed to empower female drivers. Female competitors are assigned to the main classes based on their vehicle specifications but can opt to add an ‘L’ to their class designation (e.g., LS18 for Small Tire Class) to identify as participating in the Ladies Class.

Absolutely! If it’s your first year in Autocross, you’ll be placed in the Novice Class. You’ll graduate from the Novice Class after your first year or if you win the Novice Class three times.

Motorcycles, quads, side-by-sides (SXS), Slingshots, and go-karts are not permitted in the competition.

The Exhibition Class is designed for vehicles that do not meet the tire treadwear requirement or weight classes. It’s a chance to participate and showcase your vehicle without competing for prizes, awards, or shootouts.

Participants may be asked to have their vehicle weighed, and tire specifications checked to ensure compliance with class requirements. Make sure your vehicle adheres to the rules outlined for its intended class.

Yes, the event organizers reserve the right to modify the rules at any time to enhance the competition’s fairness and integrity. We recommend staying updated by checking the rules page regularly.

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